When I became a mother, I no longer cared if I was good at anything else in the world.  All that mattered to me was if I was going to be a dedicated mom, run my household, raise good kids, and look okay doing it.  I look forward to that changing one day and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to focus on being good at something else but right now, knee deep into a 2 year old’s tantrums and a 6 month old’s shit, I’m quite full thanks.

I just turned 30 and am therefore at the time in my life where everyone around me is having babies.  The observations I’ve made primarily about myself, but of other new moms as well, has completely shocked me.  I decided to blog about it because it’s fascinating.  We are knowingly vain creatures but the vanity I speak of comes only from a place of intense love for our children.  I beg of you fellow mothers, my posts are only meant to create a community of mothers thinking nonsense rather than spill the forbidden beans or worse, offend anyone.  I am by no means insinuating that these truths are shared by all mothers but for certain they pertain to a lot of us, definitely me.  It is perhaps because there is no job more scrutinized today than that of a mother and it’s a shame because there is no woman more sensitive.  My first truth is that if you moms can identify with any of these posts, than that must mean that you are fully dedicated and emotionally obsessed mothers who care only about the growth, well-being, and development of your children – at least that’s how I like to make myself feel better.

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  1. Nat – I’m so glad you decided to do this! The site looks awesome and you’re such a great writer. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Nat,
    I’ve never been more proud of a friend than I am of you. Your bravery and honesty is refreshing to say the least. All I can say keep them coming, because you know that all mother’s alike are crying, laughing, and nodding their heads in unison as they read your words. We don’t have a “instruction manual” to go by, but we sure as hell have the comfort to know that we are all in this together.

  3. Well my friend, you’ve really out done yourself this time… I don’t know how you manage to be such a fantastic mother to two beautiful girls, a dedicated & caring wife to one husband, and still find the time to share such intimate feelings & details with a world of strangers – well, we’re not all strangers. I am LOVING your honesty and candidness, your courage to tell like it is, and mostly I am loving that you are enjoying this too. With my due date just 3 days away, I feel like I have discovered one more gift that you have given to me… I have always relied heavily on your advice, now I won’t bother to call you at all hours demanding answers – nope. Instead, I’ll fire up the computer and go to “my favorites” list!! You have done an amazing thing here Nat, hope you know how appreciated & loved you really are.

  4. I LOVE this site!

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