Truth # 11 – We are not just there for the exercise

We would rather win.

I am by no means saying that we are all radical soccer moms who show up to our 4 year old’s house league games to aggressively cheer from the sidelines or worse, to participate in the trash talking of toddlers and preschoolers.   Although not always the case, at this age it SHOULD be all about fun and social interaction or it can be something you do with your kid on the weekends.  It could even be a way to knock them out so they take a nap and you can have a sec to yourself.  Ultimately though, if your ballsy enough to admit that there’s a part of you that wants your kid to win or even score, then you’re not alone.

This truth has nothing at all to do with kids playing soccer, or any sport for that matter.  It’s about wanting them to win at something.

Please let my children not be average at everything. Let them experience passion and desire, motivation and dedication to a purpose they love and are just plain good at.  However important it is to feel the pain in loss, it is equally important to feel the joy in gain.  There is no doubt that it’s imperative for them to experience defeat after having climbed the mountain and at the end, still losing.  But it is our sincere hope that they will one day cheer because they have clutched the freedom in victory.

It’s a lie to insist it’s always ‘in good fun’, because it’s not natural.  If that’s the case, although not politically correct, I hope my kids kick your kids asses.  Whether or not you will admit it, you are beyond offended that I said that because if you’re a mother, you are reasonably competitive.  It’s our nature.

The only people we want to beat us are our children.  Beat us at love, beat us at life, beat us at work and beat us at family.  It’s okay to say it…  when it comes to our little humans, it’s almost never about the exercise.

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One response to “Truth # 11 – We are not just there for the exercise

  1. omg…this is SO true…I hate to admit it but im prob the loudest one at my son Trevon’s soccer games!! lol ESPECIALLY when he scores his goals, im the first one to have an in your face attitude lol Im not really competitive by nature, or was one that was good at sports, but man, does it ever feel good that Trevon is. My favourite thing in the world to do is watch my son play soccer. After everything that we’ve been through im thrilled that he has a passion and is REALLY good at something. It makes me so proud when other parents come up to me and tell me how good he is…lol…and i just nod in agreement 😀

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