Truth #2 – We hope you think our kids are cute

Come on, tell the truth.

I happen to be a firm believer that all kids are cute.  I know this is not true for everyone but I really do think so.  The overgrown heads, the bug eyes, the lack of hair on their heads but abundance on their faces, ears and lower backs; to me they’re still sweet but I see now that not many people agree!  I happen to have kids that most people think are physically gifted.  All that seems to do is give these über honest and rotten people the go ahead to bash other ones.  These people are relentless.  If they were speaking of my girls like that, I would be mortified!  More than that, I would admittedly cry myself to sleep at night.  Why do moms care so much?  Mostly because we know it’s easier to be on the so-called “cuter” side these days.  Depressing but true.

I have to be honest here, I am claiming to be Mother Truth.  Before I became a mom, I may have participated in some baby critique, not always favorable.  HOWEVER, since motherhood I see the beauty in all little humans… however I continue to care very much what other people think of mine.  Sad but true.

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One response to “Truth #2 – We hope you think our kids are cute

  1. Ha! This is the truth that no one ever wants to admit. keep ’em comming Mommy!!

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