Truth #3 – We are always listening to our mothers

Allow me to explain…

This is what I’ve noticed in the past few years.  Here we are embarking on the most crucial and life-altering journey of our lives.  It starts with pregnancy doesn’t it?  A long and unfortunate hormonal journey and our moms are the first people that we cannot wait to tell.  Imagine the sense of pride and joy that a mother feels when they hear their daughter is pregnant.  My advice is wait the full three months to tell her!

The reason is this – absolutely nobody can upset you like your mom.  Nobody can make you lose your temper, doubt yourself, or offend you like your mom can.  She has the ability to make you think the craziest things JUST BECAUSE she said so!  There you are, obsessively reading your new pregnancy books, praying on every word, and there’s mom, calling to tell you it’s all bull shit.  “We didn’t do any of that stuff, and you turned out okay didn’t you?” Did we really?  All I remember hearing about growing up was how bad I was.  Maybe it had something to do with the corn syrup you dipped my pacifier in!

My truth for the day is that we’re always listening.  Even if we don’t take their advice, we cannot help but listen.  My mother is a mild hypochondriac so at least once every visit she puts her hand on my kids’ forehead and says: “She feels a little warm to me“.  Even though I know it’s crazy talk, I always find myself checking anyway!

The relationship is an overly sensitive one.  Mom, nothing means more to me than when you tell me I’m a good mom and nothing hurts more than when you seem to not think so.  We know how much you love us because we now have our own and there is nothing in the world as beautiful and unconditional as the love we have for them.  Let’s hear it for the mothers of newer mothers… Cheers! … And attempt to not speak out loud because when you do, although you can’t imagine it, we are always listening.

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4 responses to “Truth #3 – We are always listening to our mothers

  1. Hey Mom…Dad’s are always listening too!

  2. Nat- You are an amazing writer! I love how you always right those circular endings in such a witty, clever way! I love you!!!!

    Keep it up……..
    Joce xoxoxo

  3. just to clarify…I felt the need to let whoever reading this know that I didn’t spell “write” right! lol!……since we’re talking writing and all………

  4. “Maybe it had something to do with the corn syrup you dipped my pacifier in!”
    Mmm At least you got corn syrup —- I am pretty sure my nona dipped my pacifier in crown royal…… and I turned out just fine too!

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