Truth #9 – We would rather you think of your OWN baby name

In a world where it is acceptable to name your kid Apple, don’t tell me you can’t come up with something on your own.

The following is an account summary of several conversations with new moms.  The end result is as follows.  Most mothers consulted are in agreement.


Situation Stealer A – Before Pregnancy

You’re not yet pregnant but plan to be one day.  You tell someone your baby name in the hopes that they will not use it.  They take it without asking first.  Ummm… Stealer.

Situation Stealer B – When Pregnant

You tell someone your girl and boy names while pregnant.  You end up having a boy and use your boy name.  They get pregnant, have a girl and steal your girl name pretending you never told them what it was!  You may have more kids.  STEALER!

The victim of the next story is a friend and will remain anonymous.  Two friends were pregnant at the same time.  Friend A asks Friend B what her baby names are, having not yet chosen hers.  Friend B is clearly naive and reveals her names to Friend A.  Friend A gives birth to her baby first and STEALS the name from Friend B before she has had the chance to use it!  OFF-SIDE, NO FORGIVENESS EVER, STEALER!


Simple.  You copy a friend or family member’s baby name after they have already used it.  It’s weird.  What’s the point?  Unless of course you have both agreed to both use it, in that case, no hard feelings.  This is only wrong when no conversation has been had prior to or post copycat and you’re sitting around the table at family dinners with 2 Emily’s.


To all you grandmothers reading who can’t remember dealing with these shenanigans back in your day, this next situation happened, and over 30 years ago.  The crybaby is she who has NEVER communicated a desired baby name, YET when she hears that a pregnant woman in her circle is planning on using it, she calls her and begs her not to do it!!  Unacceptable which is why it is always better to state your name!   State the name and make it clear that you will be less than impressed if somebody stole it.

The moms out there who have chosen “top 40” names are not exempt.  You made the choice to use a popular baby name because you love it!  Kudos to you!  Top 40 names are all beautiful which is why they’re the most popular.  Just because you picked a popular name, doesn’t mean those closest to you have an excuse to steal it.  The same respect should be awarded to you but you can’t expect everyone to steer clear.

 The Mother Truth is that names are a serious hot topic.  My husband and his friends found it so fascinating that they suggested keeping an e-chart among family and close pals to avoid confusion and emerging cat claws!  All things aside, naming is so incredibly personal to new parents.  The question most often asked of a pregnant woman is:  ‘how are you feeling… ?  The second is most always:  ‘have you chosen any names yet?’!  So if you can, think of your OWN damn name because the mommy masses will not approve of an inappropriate steal, copy or crybaby!

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8 responses to “Truth #9 – We would rather you think of your OWN baby name

  1. Dying to know who “Friend A and Friend B” are?…..

  2. Top 40 names – they are all fair game arn’t they….

    What about the apostle’s and saints… Do mom’s get to claim there stake in those names as well………….?

    • Good questions Sal. Like I said, top 40 names should still be off limits if someone close to you has used it – unless a conversation was had – same goes for the Saint names. Although I think you might be out of luck if an acquaintance down the street has chosen the name. Feel free to weigh in!

  3. There’s not too many Agostino’s getting thrown around these days! I say go with something a little more common – at least the top 100.
    PS. I never found my name on a toothbrush or fridge magnet…

  4. Names should never be revealed.
    Keep NAMES in the vault!
    Never tell a soul untill the child is fresh out of the womb!
    Everyone’s a stealer, copycat, kleptomaniac – I don’t care!


  5. Lola…cough cough! Love you Nats!!!….and this brilliant blog of yours. I can actually hear you while reading it. xxx

  6. A co-worker just emailed me to tell me her friend has heard of 4 other “blank’s” this year alone… a little sad – you are so right about this issue, it’s a sensitive one. Take it from SIOBHAN!

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