Truth #13 – We love to know that you’re standing by and cheering us on

In honor of a brand new arrival, here is an impromptu post close to my heart.  Congratulations my friends!  I was cheering you on the whole time.

A new tiny human will be joining us and it’s you who will ultimately make it happen.  Labour is long and horrendous but it’s so wonderful to know that, although you are doing all the work, the people you love are standing by cheering and anxiously waiting to welcome the precious end result.

Remember the feeling of actually heading to the hospital?  Are you in labour or aren’t you?  “Shit, I think so but I’ve never done this before so I can’t be sure!” or “I’ve done this before but this is so entirely different!”  Once you’re checked by the Doctor and it’s on, you start to immediately want to let your loved ones know that you’re at the hospital and that the end is near!  Some of us send a text or designate a communicator.  Either way, you want people to know as they have been emotionally invested in your journey throughout the last 9 months.  You want them to know that today marks the first day of the rest of your life to hold and to love, to sacrifice and to cherish the baby that will be in your arms, the baby that will forever change your name to “Mom”.

To all of you who were waiting in the wings, thank you.  Although you did nothing for the pain, you did so much for the will to barrel through it.  Once the angel arrives and breathes for the first time, looks up at you for direction, feels your skin and formally meets you face to face, you would do it all over again in an instant.  Ultimate blessings today to all of you new tiny humans, and your kick ass new mommies.  We will never forget the ones applauding in the crowd.





Photos from here and here and here

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