Truth #14 – You won’t understand until you have your own

Yes to our moms, you were right.  When you didn’t let us go to the concert, when you cried at the graduation, when you embarrassed us at the movies, when you spied on our date, when you waited on the porch for hours the day we got our license … we can say it now, you were right.  We understand only now that it has become our turn.

First order of business is that I mean no disrespect to all you childless super aunts, zios, tias, oncles, zizis and alike.  My kids are tremendously blessed to have an array of additional go-to options.  It has become crystal clear that these ever so selfless individuals are amazing extensions of mommy and daddy who almost equally love and cherish our babies.  For them, there is no greater love for anyone and they remain willing to be the forever present runner-ups whenever the call may come.

I am simply saying that nothing could have prepared us for the spectrum of emotion, the life altering responsibility and the limitless faith that motherhood confirms.  Especially not the annoying and countless warnings and threats.  Carrying the baby for 9 months is no preparation for the emergence of unfamiliar sentiment that overcomes you when you hold your child.  From that point on, so much of what you thought defined you simply melts away.

As an aside, I feel compelled to write this truth because of its sincerity but also as an apology to the girls that haven’t yet had their babies.  Getting together with the ladies these days is already so rare that when we get the chance, we should be mindful of those who may not yet relate.  By no means am I insinuating that we should zip our lips about everything baby, but perhaps we can make an effort to enjoy other subjects.  Just because we may find ‘breastfeeding’ fascinating, it’s most likely less mind-blowing for the pre-moms.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t yet a mom, the point of this truth pertains to you after all.  As women we need so much to talk about something we feel good at, or something we know we’re current on.  A lot of us aren’t “working”, and this is our whole life’s new work.  God willing, if it is your wish too, you will be here soon.  You will love it and you will finally understand what momma meant!  And on this one, daddy probably said it too!

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One response to “Truth #14 – You won’t understand until you have your own

  1. I love this TRUTH! I sure can’t wait to know ” what momma means!” Like you said you think you know but you have no idea…I’ll take your word for it! Love reading what’s on your mind….keep em’ comin!xoxoxo

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