Truth #15 – We want a maid

If we don’t have one, we would freaking love one.  Don’t let us fool you!  Mommies who have bitten the bullet and sought the extra help, congratulations to you.  You have successfully ignored the nonsensical voice inside your head screaming:  “Don’t do it!”.  Who is that traitor anyway?  Sadly, it’s the poster of us over the past century.  Listen ladies, for those of you who can afford the extra bucks and don’t do it because of obnoxious pride, here’s a tip – no one sees the trophy inside your head that’s hanging over the mantle beside the dust mites you never got to…  just you.

Husbands and partners, support us on this one.  It would make a fantastic Christmas present no?  It would dramatically boost our energy level and encourage productivity.  You might be surprised how well it turns out for you… wink wink, cough cough.

When we actually get to sit down, we look around and notice what we didn’t get to that day.  We then begin setting unrealistic goals as we think of what needs to be done the next day.  Don’t get me wrong, we leave the cleaning last because we fully understand that it does not take priority over the needs of the kids but the lovely rugrats create an endless bite-size mess!  Picking up after them is hard enough but constant polishing is just not realistic.

This truth was suggested to me by another dusty mommy because it’s a topic fiercely popular among us.  One of the most talented, loving, and dedicated mothers I know said to me that it’s her best 30 bucks.  I thought it would get easier as the kids get older but she says it gets worse.  Most of us go back to work full-time… dinners… sports and extras, bathtime, bedtime, on and on….

Listen, if you manage to look the other way and honestly aren’t affected by the the dust, you’re so much better off than the rest of us.  But for those who just simply cannot stomach the sights but can’t find the time?  Make the call and hire a cleaning service, you know you wanna.

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4 responses to “Truth #15 – We want a maid

  1. sing it sista!!!!! hahaha

  2. I hear The JM Cleaning Service is hiring, half price and she even brings you dinner for the week… The trade off is that shes a little crazy!

  3. I have used the JM cleaning services and I would highly recommend them. I would also recommend you make sure you aren’t home while she is there cleaning 😉 haha

  4. So true!!!!

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