Truth #19 – We want it to be us

It’s not that we want to be the only ones, we just want to be first.

The Baby

When our baby cries, we want to be the one to swoop in using mommy magic that only we can properly execute.  Allow us a moment to perform!  If someone happens to jump in and save the day, make no mistake, it hurts a bit.  Worse is when they reach for someone else while in our arms… hurts like hell.  Don’t get me wrong, if there is no stopping the tiny human and sleep is dwindling, it becomes an open invitation.  Most days though, we would rather it be us.  We appreciate the opportunity when ‘mommy’s touch’ is displayed for all to see.

The Child

When sleepover’s at Grandmas become more fun and more frequent, we want our kids to wanna come home.  It bites if they kick and scream at the idea of pick up time.  We missed them dammit and we want them to have missed us too!  No doubt we pray for them to have good friends who come from good homes and magnificent teachers they can turn to for inspiration, but… isn’t it true that we always want to be their preferred home base?

The Teen

It’s an overemotional and trying time in parenting.  We are a hormonal being and we admit that when it comes to our kids, we are hypersensitive and often irrational! We may admit it if their ears aren’t in the vicinity.  We need them to trust us, come to us, pick us first because they have begun to slip away.  They have by now their own distinct convictions and although we may remember carrying them and squeezing them out, it is for them only a story we keep telling them about.

The adult

If we could only be so lucky to witness full circle.  To continue to be first when our babies have babies.  To watch them experience what we did and to try our best to understand them having been there ourselves.  If we had to share ‘first‘ at times throughout this journey, we are sure to get it back now.  When it’s your turn, ain’t no one you want to see more.  Big or small, you want your mommy.

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