Truth #21 – We need help

We may never ask so please insist.  Come over and take over.

To the new mommies… just hold on a minute.  Although you can’t possibly imagine wanting to leave your new bundle, you may eventually need to run.  It will get worse though before it gets better.  When you start to sleep again and when your baby begins to genuinely look for you and pine for you, you will insist that leaving is 100% off the table.  It’s even worse if you’re breastfeeding because you are so irreplaceable and you just KNOW that all you gotta do is insert boob and all will be well no matter the challenge.  Just hang on because once you decide to stop breastfeeding and may perhaps desire a beverage, once you don’t remember existing without your new appendage, once you decide it’s time to practice for another if that is your wish, and finally when number two arrives…  you will eventually want to sprint the hell out of babyland!  There you have it folks, we will need you to oblige.

As much as we are superhuman beings of love, mommy machines who never rest until our offspring have discovered their own version of peace, we need to break away for a little while.  We need time to speak adult to other adults, to run without dragging a child behind or whipping around a bucket seat.  We need to shop in an establishment other than a damn Wal-mart, Toys R’ US, or Loblaws.  It’s complicated at first as we continue to deny our innate need to stray but that’s where you come in!

Let me be clear, stay away from the brand new baby-maker.  It is not the time to be insisting they leave because they are just getting acquainted with their first-born and a severe obsession has emerged.  When they begin to appear comfortable and as though they have a happy handle on their new life, drop by and offer to lend a hand.  Tread lightly though and keep in mind, they may just want to visit with you because they need some healthy interaction.  They may enjoy the opportunity to tell stories and brag a bit.  This can be just as big a help as babysitting

We need help BUT we don’t need help parenting.  We know what’s best for our babies BUT we may not know what’s best for us.  Offer a hand if you think we could use one.  It is no doubt tricky to really know for sure because we’re complicated women but if you do some digging, our true colours will spit up…  against our better judgment of course.

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2 responses to “Truth #21 – We need help

  1. I think that your point about company being as good as a break is great. Not many generations ago, we would have had other women around while we mothered. Now we are expected (maybe our own expectations?) to do it all alone.

  2. I agree 100%, and yes, we play a part for sure. Nothing was more relaxing to me than when a friend came over to gab. Thank you always for your comments!

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