Truth #22 – We only show you the best pictures

Every mom in this tech-happy age has the ability to snap and delete.  Snap, delete, snap, edit, maybe, hmmm, we’ll see about that one…  Tell the truth!  You definitely do it!  We only send the pictures where they look their best!  Whatever that means…

To be fair, they are squirmy and uncooperative.  How many eyes-closed, open-mouthed pictures do we delete?!  For my Christmas cards this year, I shoved them in front of the tree and behind me played Barney on my laptop.  Lola cried most of the shoot and Gia kept telling me to get out of her way.  “Mommy, this is my favorite song!”  Last year having just Gia, I put my dad on lighting duty, my husband behind the camera and me, wobbly and pregnant, dancing around with props.   We took about 600 pictures and I decided only after a week of dissecting my one year old and her invisible imperfections, which one would make the cut.  How incredibly sad, yet still true.

How dare they be uncomfortable with all the bow-ties and crinoline!  How dare they be impatient when we’re dangling around all those yummy treats!  How dare they not understand how important it is for us to show everyone how adorable they are!  Nuff said maybe.  Bottom line is that you’re all gonna be seeing the best damn shot of the lot, and these days there’s a whole lot!

Whatever did they do back in the day without digital?  We must be getting uglier because I happen to think those old pictures are fabulous.  Here’s to hoping I made my point…  We’re all a bit silly aren’t we?

Happy Holidays to all you crazy moms and your adorable babies…  And to all the daddies who thought the very first picture was awesome enough.

Photos from here and here

One response to “Truth #22 – We only show you the best pictures

  1. Rebecca and I were just talking about those pictures today while waiting in line for Mackenzie’s first Santa pics! I think that picture of Gia is great, despite the screams though, just adorable!
    I’m really enjoying the blog btw, keep up the good (and entertaining!) work!!

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