Truth #24 – We had everything to do with it!

Why do certain moms feel the need to tell you how lucky you are when they’ve become impressed by your kids?  “You are soooooo lucky, your kids are soooooo good.  I wish mine were this well-behaved.” For some reason they neglect you in the compliment as though you had nothing at all to do with it!

Funny thing though…They seem to blame you straight away when your child is a terrorizing pain in the ass!

Here’s a personal example… just gonna throw it out there…

My kids sleep in their own beds, not with me.  It’s just one of the hot spots where I refuse to bend.  What can I say, I just don’t want to share my bed with my babies.  Make no mistake, it ain’t easy.  It resembles hell actually, just ask my husband.  There have been more sleepless nights than I care to admit.  We even invested in an adult size bed for my 2 year old so that if she wakes up, we could fit beside her rather than have her end up with us.  No judgment here to those who cave because God knows it’s incredibly hard, but some moms feel the need to say things like, “Nat, you’re soooooo lucky that your kids sleep in their own beds, mine end up with us every night!”  Are you kidding me?!  Pain is gain ladies, we have suffered many a nights!  Not asking for praise here because that just happens to be my personal fight… I choose to suffer for my own sheets!  I am not trying to tell you who to share yours with but I’d like credit for the disaster I created for my own sleepless life, no?

They eat well because we tried everything!  They are polite because we starve them if they don’t say please!  They learned how to play on their own because we didn’t really wanna play with them all day long!  They are smart because we choose to continue their education at home.

By no means am I saying that your problem child is your doing, just that we should give credit where do.  It would be nice to hear “way to go girl” rather than “you’re so lucky”.  Let me be clear, if you have tough kids that really is difficult and I am so not saying that it’s your fault.  But if they happen to be generally good, we would appreciate some recognition.

What a day when motherhood came a knockin’.  Our main concern swiftly became raising good kids and transmitting onto them a crazy love whereby they will never have to long for it for the rest of their days.  All we want to do is succeed in this all too challenging life task; that of a good mother.  So, when we have managed to successfully check a box in a tricky area, rest assured people, we had everything to do with it!

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