Truth #27 – Staying home IS good enough

Today I preach.  It’s more than enough to stay home with your babies.  It’s beautiful, its traditional, it’s rewarding and it’s damn hard.  Why are we made to feel like it’s never enough?

There are many incredible women who have had the courage to admit to themselves that the home is not a long-term place for them.  They may have realized that they are better mothers when they spend the day at their craft and return home to be one with their babies.  These equally championed mothers prefer some time to recharge.  It allows them a moment to miss their children and at the end of the day, be their best selves together with them.  Bravo and rock on, go ahead and climb that ladder.  Woot freakin’ woot!

We won’t forget the mom who must return to work to assist in feeding her family, the mom who will lose her job otherwise, or the single mother with 2 jobs that only wishes she could stay home.  As a community of mothers moving forward, let’s commit to support the decisions of our sisters rather than judge harshly and unknowingly.

Onto the preaching I promised.  I feel lucky to have succeeded in getting under the skin of some of us moms, mostly those newer at the job.  I’ve heard stories of struggles, of the everyday rewards and rollercoasters and I can’t believe the underlying theme among us sexy homemakers!  We aren’t as proud as we should be to simply say that “WE STAY HOME”!

Why don’t we feel that it’s good enough?  Why do some people make us feel that way?  What has this modern world done?  It’s fantastic that we’re becoming closer to equal and rising above some thankfully ancient oppression but let’s not forget the rewards, the courage, the stamina, and the strength that it takes to stay home with your babies!

Don’t get me wrong ladies, it’s helpful to find a personal outlet other than your four walls where you may spread your pretty wings and tweak your interests.  Me? I write.  And what it does is make me better and more committed to my choice to be home with my kids.  We are witnessing the firsts, the too-short stages and the lasting memories.  We are continuing their education at home.  This used to be rewarded and respected.  It should still.  It IS “work” and we should be proud.

It’s enough… so that’s enough!

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5 responses to “Truth #27 – Staying home IS good enough

  1. Halleluiah! More women should feel proud as you say!

  2. It’s enough… so that’s enough!
    Your one liners at the end pump me up
    You rock Nats …another fantastic blog !!!!

  3. damb right sista! xo

  4. Let me give you another perspective. I stayed home with my children. They are ages 20 and 26–extremely successful. My daughter is in her last year at one of the country’s top law schools (always an A student; first female on the boys’ soccer team; magnet school student from 3rd grade-on); my son is a double major–economics and violin performance (toured through China and Europe, blah,blah,blah). Could they have done this without me? Never. Although I was the one who graduated with highest honors from college; I was the one who rose to the top of every company in which I worked (first female VP in an ad agency, etc.), I supported us through my husband’s law school years and helped pay his debts afterwards. I quit job after job to follow his career. One boss was a fraud and went to jail. One decided he no longer wanted to be in the (commercial real estate) business. One job collapsed with the economy. Finally, I was pregnant. I tried to work from our new home from bed (pre-elampsia). I said forget it & stayed home with our first child. He made some good gambles and made millions, and now he is king of the universe, and I am nothing. He is on charitable boards across the city, donating millions. I am home. I have, in the world’s eyes, accomplished nothing. I, the achiever, can accompany him to parties–no boards of my own–and watch others give him accolades, other women hitting on the successful, older man. What do I get?

    Ask yourself if it is enough to have happy and successful children.

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