Truth #51 – We want you to know ALL the things we’ve done

I don’t know what it is but for some reason, we never think we’ve done enough.  As if staying home and looking after the kids doesn’t cut it.  We wanna make sure you know what ELSE we did.

Maybe it’s because we belong to a club of mothers and there are so many participants that we feel as though we aren’t doing anything quite unique.  Like so many other women, we just have kids.  Although it IS plenty good enough as explained in Truth #27,  we don’t truly know it.  So the only way we feel we can stand out is by making sure somebody knows the other stuff we did that day…

This truth came to me one day when my husband called from work.  It was almost 3 o’clock when he called and I told him that I washed the floors.  Sure it was the truth but it was 10am when I finished!  Rather than telling him what the kids and I were actually doing at the time, which was watching TV, an ever so shameful confession, I wanted him to know that I washed the damn floors.  I caught myself and the light went off.  Since I recorded the truth, I’ve noticed I’m not alone!

We want someone to know when we’re cleaning.  We want someone to know when we’ve taken our kids to the library or to the mall or grocery shopping.  We feel as though just an ordinary day of play, meals and laundry doesn’t do our day justice.  We want to say that we took our kids swimming or even to a doctor’s appointment because that for us, is more.  What goes into an outing with a baby or toddler is unreal!  I take my kids swimming and I have to prep the night before and by the time I’m ready, I can fill a luggage!  Bathing suits, towels, swimmers, diapers, wipes, life jackets, and if it’s winter?… Phew!

I catch myself rhyming off my chores with my mom and mother-in-law because it feels good to be validated and proud of.  God forbid we be regular.  Regular is not okay as a mom.  To be a regular wife, a regular employee or a regular daughter is often fine, but we’ve got to be a BETTER mom.

It all comes down to wanting to do our ultimate best for our babies!  From what is enough tummy time, to what are enough extracurriculars.  When to start foods, preschool, punishment, or sleep training.  We break when we feel as though we’ve fallen behind.  It’s a tricky thing this gig and that’s why we sometimes want someone to know.  Because we’re trying really really hard!

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2 responses to “Truth #51 – We want you to know ALL the things we’ve done

  1. Oh, that one made me laugh Nat. I made sure Chris knew I cleaned the house today. Even though it was a quick once over. Haha.

  2. I definitely agree with you. It feels good to be validated sometimes. Okay all the time. I don’t hesitate to inform the man of how much I accomplished all day while he was at work. Someone has to see that we aren’t just laying around all day, right?

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