Truth #50 – No, a puppy is NOT the same a baby

Oh animal lovers!  Myself, not so much.  I mean I really like animals having grown up with dogs and cats, fish even, but after all that, I am definitely not running out to get one.  I have young kids and this pad doesn’t need another loud, stinky and time-consuming complication!  

Have you ever had a conversation with a new puppy owner?  Maybe it was had while bouncing your baby on your knee.  You may not have tuned in for the whole conversation with the super-stoked animal lover because you couldn’t think about anything other than keeping your baby quiet and entertained long enough for them to gush.  I guess it’s not unlike the majority of our new mommy conversations.  They resemble a slew of messy sentences thrown together while being hopeful to get our point across within the hour.  Pretty sure that ain’t the case for Mother Canine.

My husband nudged me into this Truth.  There he was, sitting across from dear friends who were new pup owners.  They were genuinely elated, the new pup had brought them such joy!  He nodded, truly happy for their delight… until they made the innocent yet VERY ignorant comparison.  “It’s JUST like having a new baby!” Unfortunately for them, they continued on with the comparison digging themselves deeper, in attempt to sway him!  It was clear to us, as it now is to you, they absolutely DO NOT have kids.

Aside from the obvious human vs. animal comparison, allow me just a few blurbs to nail down this Truth… They lived inside us, their food doesn’t come in a bag, we can’t leave them alone, or in a car, for maybe 12-15  years? … for about as long as some breeds life expectancies.  Harsh?  Yeah maybe.  Babies cost way more money, they grow out of clothes, hockey equipment, beds, and toys.  We forever have to watch what we say and how we behave.  A new puppy is so exciting, and in many ways a huge responsibility, especially for the first year of its life.  Come now though, our kids will cost us money and hair, sometimes well after they leave the house.  Leaving the house??  Today it took me short of 30 minutes to dress my kids good and ready for below 0 temperatures.  Mommy, I want this hat, those gloves, I’m thirsty and I hate scarves.  My girlfriend has to spell the damn word W-A-L-K  around her puppy because he’d be out the door before she could grab her coat.  Come on!

It’s all relative, no argument there.  A young couple gets a puppy and their lives are forever changed.  They never thought they could love something so much!  Maybe it’s their first significant responsibility.  It is in fact, another life!  It’s exciting, frustrating, demanding and SO EMOTIONAL but the Mother Truth remains, NO, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT LIKE HAVING A BABY!

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2 responses to “Truth #50 – No, a puppy is NOT the same a baby

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