Truth #49 – We start mailing Christmas cards

Maybe you’ve always sent out holiday greeting cards to clients or distant relatives but starting a family gives birth to the launch of precious picture-donned Christmas cards.  The spectrum of recipients can range from loved ones to casual acquaintances who may never have received best wishes from you in the past!

Is it done to show off your kiddies?  DAMN STRAIGHT!… Oh and Merry Christmas by the way!

My husband and I used to receive a few cards here and there but our fridge now resembles a daycare’s bulletin board!  Naturally we hit baby making age at the same time as everyone else in our circle and the photo greeting cards started pouring in!

We Mommies LOVE a solid excuse to send out updated snapshots of our little people and the holidays seem like the perfect time.  AND there’s always a full year of photo memories from which to choose!

Keep em’ comin’ because they’re fantastic!

The Mother Truth is that life gets in the way of much-needed visits to friends and their new families so we try to send out a reminder once a year!  Cheers to you friends, aren’t they fabulous?!

Merry Christmas Mommies!  No doubt a trying time of year for some of us but worth it for the memories!

Photos from here and here

One response to “Truth #49 – We start mailing Christmas cards

  1. I have been meaning to send out these cards since my oldest daughter’s first Christmas, but procrastination gets in the way; along with the rest of my holiday to-do list.
    But so very true- even if I change the title to “We ‘Really Keep Meaning to’ Start Mailing Christmas Cards” 😉

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