Truth #48 – We’re hypersensitive about food

Junk food is taboo in most circles.  We all wanna believe that we eat healthy and make the best choices for our bodies and when it comes to nourishing our kids, we hate to admit the shortcuts we take for convenience.  For sanity!

What a sincere pain it is to bust our asses to make healthy choices for our kids, meal after meal, day after day.  We’re always trying to initiate tastes, textures and variety when placing the plate in front of our biggest critic.  Unlike adults, kids won’t choke things down to please the Chef.  Instead, they beat us down by responding with a “Yuk!” or rather by launching the slaved-over grub to the floor.  It’s easy to say that we subscribe to the so-called old way of thinking – “Well if they don’t eat what I make them, they don’t eat.”  That’s such crap.  Lies!  If you the reader has figured out how to repetitively make your picky eater leave the table hungry, toss me a line.  I would love to know your secret!

We’re hypersensitive about food.  Gone are the days where we can host a hotdog and chocolate cake party to 6 year-olds without a hitch.  Consequences from that type of shindig may include your child losing a friend! Best case scenario, the team of moms will toss your name in shit the very next day.

I’m sure we’ve all had play-dates where it becomes awkward.  The hosting mom will reluctantly hand over a ‘treat’ to keep their kid happy, subsequently offering one to your child.  Now what?  To be polite and accept the ‘treat’ for our child as well?  Or the riskier option, to decline the tasty time bomb and risk looking like a too-good snot with the kid who throws a tantrum because they’re missing out!

The Mother Truth is that we do what works for us and our kids.  The attempt at making our kids get excited about quinoa and wild rice is hard enough, we don’t need judgment from other moms who may have landed a good eater.  There is no doubt that we have to try our damnedest to introduce the healthiest option at our dinner tables because when our kids are out of our kitchens, they’ll have plenty of temptations at their fingertips.  We have no control over when they will swap lunches!  It’s true that we’re hypersensitive, let’s just try our best not to be judgmental in the company of other moms, because girlfriend, your plate of pasta is no better than my chicken fingers!

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3 responses to “Truth #48 – We’re hypersensitive about food

  1. Love it! Especially the closing part! 😉

  2. Great blog!! 100% true!

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