Truth #30 – Gaining weight can stop us from having another baby

As much as Hollywood and things alike have succeeded in glamorizing a pregnant woman and her ‘curves‘, it’s just not reality.  Nobody looks like that except them celebrities who have nothing else to do but count the top-notch professionals working on them.

As much as we try to pretend we aren’t affected by it, we frown while gazing into every mirror on the way to everywhere.  We are effectively witnessing a very unfamiliar process kick off, making us increasingly less comfortable.  It’s unfortunate because although we’re sincerely blessed to bear children, we’re supposed to take the noble route and pretend not to care that we’re gaining a shit load of weight.   We definitely care!  Too much?  Yes, maybe too much but in the moment, it’s hard to watch your body expand, whether intentional or not.  It may even be enjoyable at first but after 8 months, just when you think you can’t possibly get any bigger, YOU DO!  If you’re one of the lucky ones who retain water around your ankles and feet, it truly is good times.

A baby is aggressively growing inside our expanding tummies and starring in its first of many future episodes of kicking our asses.  It’s the Mother Truth that once we give birth and mommyhood takes flight, we would do it all over again in the very next instant.  But once we begin to ponder another, having lost the weight or not, it’s hard to commit again.  It truly is.

I’ve known women who have decided that although they may want another baby, they don’t wanna sacrifice yet another significant thing, their healthy selves.  I’m not sure they can be blamed for that.  Personally, I would hope that if another baby is to be humbly desired, we would bite the bullet and board the vessel but I choose not to judge as we all know it’s no easy feat.

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2 responses to “Truth #30 – Gaining weight can stop us from having another baby

  1. Apparently shooting out a few kids is the new Hollywood diet
    .. HOT MAMA’s everywhere, especially Mother Truth!

    • I agree with Anna

      I have actually thought of popping out a baby just because of all these women who somehow end up looking better AFTER they give birth! haha

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