Truth #31 – We watch more TV than we admit

After the crafts are complete, the ‘time outside’ is checked off, and the books are read… we turn the TV on!  Damn right we do.  Often BEFORE the books…  Imagine that!

As much as we love hanging out with our kids and participating in their precious development, we need to get shit done!  Laundry, housework, cooking… and yes, E-mail, Facebook OR A good book!  So sue us!

Why are we so ashamed to admit that we all lean on TV?  Never let the TV parent your child no doubt but hell, if that square box didn’t exist, it would be a long ass day.

In my house, we have ‘No Media Mornings’.  No Television, movies or computers until lunch time.  The only thing related is music in the background.  Usually we’ll head out for a trip to the mall, grocery store, coffee shop or library.  We might top it off with a craft, colouring session or book.  Afterward, that TV sure is good lookin’ and yes, it is definitely turned on.  If the kids play amongst themselves, SCORE, Mommy’s turn!  Maybe Oprah, a dirty Soap Opera or the View.  These programs remain for weeks on my DVR for my viewing pleasure if I begin a rare relationship with my couch.

Come now ladies, sing it from the rooftops.  We love that tube!  It keeps our babies busy when we need it to, and for us, it allows for a seldom one-way-relationship with a pint-sized adult on the other end.  We may hate to admit it but we love that TV!

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One response to “Truth #31 – We watch more TV than we admit

  1. Nadia Mazzonetto

    So true Natalie, we have to start shedding the guilt and telling like it is. I love reading your posts because they are the MOTHER TRUTH! We do all the things you talk about and it is perfectly OK. Keep it up.

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