Truth #32 – It’s not okay to criticize our kids

“Oh boy, he’s a fussy one isn’t he?”  “She has quite the temper!”  “All that kid does is whine and scream!”  “He is so spoiled!”  The aforementioned comments should never be expressed by company.  Not even if every last one rings true.  Believe me, obsessive as it may sound, you will never have a mother’s blessing to freely bash her baby.

As moms we see it all.  Every delight and every disaster.  We know what our children need and during those rare times where we may be at a loss, the last thing we want you to do is beat our baby down!  Look guys, it might not end well for you.  Truth #23 highlights all the reasons why we wish you could have seen them yesterday, because yesterday, our babies were fabulous!  Don’t be so quick to judge!

On the flip side… and there is a flip side, we have to be aware of when it is someone’s job to openly criticize.  If the kindergarten teacher is trying to tell us ever-so-gently that our child is becoming a problem, that would be our cue to listen.  As much as we feel the urge to fire back with comments like: “My goodness, he’s never like that at home!“, it’s time to bite your big ass mother tongue and support the individual in the mentoring role.

It’s so hard to take the direct criticism of our kids because we believe it’s primarily an attack on us.  Sometimes ladies, we are directly responsible for some of the shortcomings of our children but most times we are certainly not.  Every 2-year-old whines, every 3-year-old strategically ignores you, and every child runs from bedtime.  Kids are challenging because they can’t adequately express their feelings as they have not yet been given the proper tools.  This is often why they misbehave so unless you are an appointed disciplinarian, back-off our damn babies and leave the criticism to mama!

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One response to “Truth #32 – It’s not okay to criticize our kids

  1. I better watch what I say 😉
    .. great post, and fancy linkage to Truth #23


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