Truth #33 – No more personal commitments

It’s been a while and I’m sorry.  My apology is directed primarily at myself because yet again, what I needed took the seat at the back of the bus.  Thank you ladies for checking in but motherhood took a big shit on my personal commitment.

I’m sure that one day soon I’ll be able to commit to something other than my kids, my husband, and my work.  I do get it though… these are the days of sacrifice but it doesn’t mean that I’ve gotta take it up the rectum with a toothy smile.

It’s like I said…  I started this blog for a few good reasons but mainly for me dammit.  After long days of full service to my little ladies, it has been therapeutic for me to write a bit about it.  BUT because the last few weeks have been my personal March Madness, it is without a doubt MY hobby, MY enjoyment, and the commitment to myself that fell off the to-do list.

You may be reading this and thinking, “get a grip Nat, if you would just ask for help you shall receive”.  Perhaps.  But wouldn’t I be criticized, even ostracized by the tougher crowds if I would have put my blogging needs before my 2 kids under 3 with strep throat, marking 200 College essays and exams, sexy time, making healthy meals, grocery shopping, laundry…???

A simple example … Your bestie invites you to a party she’s having and you say ‘hell yeah’.  The night of the party your kid throws up a couple times and is lookin’ pretty green.  Probably gonna stay home now right?  Maybe you send your husband in your place?  But momma stays home.  The Mother Truth is that these days, ‘hell yeah’ equals ‘hell yeahUNLESS…’.  At least until our babies are grown.

My point remains that we neglect our interests in the equation of importance.  We make time to do family hour and kiddie corner but the me-time hobbies are ultimately among the first surrendered.  We are mothers and it is WE who signed up… and what a fulfilling lifetime contract it is.

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2 responses to “Truth #33 – No more personal commitments

  1. Lindsay Conlon

    Nat, love reading your blog! Dont know how you do it girl. Keep up the good work xx

  2. Love it! You still have sexy time? LOL When?? Good for you girl!

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