Truth #35 – We will be offended if you don’t come see the baby

I’ve posted alike before and I stand by my convictions… you don’t quite know until you get there.  Keeping that in mind, we should probably go easy on the still single or sans-baby friends that might not grasp the magnitude of it all.

You heard it here!  You WILL go hungry in the doghouse unless you visit the new creation and while it’s still hot!  I am claiming to be Mother Truth and will therefore admit to you this… Thank God that it was me who was the first Mommy among my friends because I would probably be hovering atop that naughty list.  I was the prime example of ‘selfish girl meets mommyland’ and it knocked my stinkin’ socks off – yes, pun intended…

I remember sitting around a certain table and watching a distant relative’s toddler knock off the alphabet while her parents nodded approvingly and surrounding company erupted in applause.  I distinctly recall peering around the room struggling to grasp why the hell that was such a big deal!  Cold?  Uh-huh, definitely.  That was me though, probably sipping a cold one, completely disconnected to all things baby.

Rounding back to my point… Go see the damn baby!  If you don’t, and rather promptly, we will most likely talk a bit of shit about you!  The Mother Truth is that there has never been nor will there ever be, a bigger, better or crazier thing happen to your girl!  No success of a job or failure of a relationship will DEMAND your closest friends’ attention quite like the birth of their new baby.

Out came a tiny human… Our brand new, somewhat scary, and ever-so-fragile tiny human.  Come have a peek – or – BOO to you!

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2 responses to “Truth #35 – We will be offended if you don’t come see the baby

  1. We invited my inlaws to the birth of our (only) baby girl. We told them that DH would pick them up and they could stay at our house while we were in the hospital (we have a guest room). They live two hours away and are a little too old for highway driving. MIL replied, “oh no, that’s too much trouble, we’ll come visit in a couple of months when you’ve gotten into a routine.” And it was indeed 6 weeks before they took the train to come and visit to see their ONLY grand child.
    How’s that for nice grandparents?

  2. Thank God this is true, because I’ve been visiting babies for years and they’ve never one expressed any appreciation.

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