Truth #36 – Mother’s Day IS a big deal

That being said, according to a study done by the University of Washington, the day after Mother’s Day is the 2nd most likely day of the year that we hungry and fed up feline’s will initiate extramarital affairs!  Pfff… apparently our partners are failing to perform on our banner day!

Not buying the Study?  Here is a fact.  Heard of the online phenom Ashley Madison? Granted, I’d like to set fire to their home base but apparently I’m a minority because on the day following last Mother’s Day 2010, they welcomed        31, 427 ready and willing new female members!

… And why do you presume that is?  Isn’t it obvious?  Women will stay and fight, fever through fire but if you happen to ignore us on Mother’s Day, you may just become our history.  Just ask Aretavia Kimbrough of Staten Island who spent a night in jail after clocking her baby daddy over the head with a frying pan.  “I hit him with a pot and I’m glad I did… I’ve been with him for seven years and he never bought me nothing”.

All joking aside.  We are most deeply identified with our most meaningful title, that of Mother.  When we meet someone, we say first that we are Mothers.  If we were never proud before, we have welcomed a new-found pride because we are Mothers.

Mother’s Day may be yet another Hallmark holiday but isn’t it one that should have always been? Creation, Religion, Mothers Day… !  It’s a well-known fact and a hard hit hiccup – we are not adequately compensated for our sacrifice!!

Don’t forget us on our true name day.  We care not for our birthdays and we’re expected to own all other holidays – so much so that we rarely enjoy them.  However because we are Mothers, we are satisfied providing the feast and watching our families enjoy it.  Give us Mother’s Day.  Tell her what a great mom she is.  There is no better compliment you can pay her.  Acknowledge the day for which she most cherishes, give her thanks and praise her life’s purpose.  Next Mother’s Day make a point to stop and watch.  You may witness a stunningly powerful emotion emitted between a mom and her child on Mother’s Day when it is so simply stated “Happy Mother’s Day Mom”.

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2 responses to “Truth #36 – Mother’s Day IS a big deal

  1. Interesting reading this tonight bc today i felt like a jerk when i realized that i called my friends’ moms to wish them Mothers Day but not my friends that ARE moms. I couldn’t figure it out at first, but i guess its cause i still see US as the kids. Does that make sense? Anyway, it’s still pretty new to me and going to take some getting used to.
    So, Happy (belated) Mothers Day to my amazing friends that are INCREDIBLE moms!

  2. I am honored that I was able to spend (at least part of) the day with you Nats!
    I am always amazed watching you in action – you are truly an awesome mom and don’t ever forget it!! xo

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