Truth #37 – We love a good scoop

You know it!

I challenge any one of you to stay home day after day in the company of small and innocent minds – so pure, before any taint, so uninterested in good dirt – and tell me that you don’t wanna know.  PAAALEEEZ people.  It’s damn irresistible.

It’s not like we celebrate break-ups or bask in the joy of hearing that your ex has now become ex – tra large, but come on people!   We just wanna know about it!  We wanna choke on something other than the rotten smell of formula or today’s creamy diaper!

Good scoop consists of numerous things spanning from wonderful to disastrous…  So and so are finally pregnant after trying for years… She cheated on him… He lost his job…  They’re finally getting hitched!

I for one, am not enthusiastically dancing to the beat of anyone’s catastrophe.  At some point, misfortune will shit down my leg as well so I will try to make a conscious decision to keep it clean.  I too, like all of you, could potentially be the next one on the ‘Chef’s dish’.

Scoop out the ice cream mammas, keeps us from melting …

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One response to “Truth #37 – We love a good scoop

  1. Daddy’s pretend not to love it…but we do too!

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