Truth #38 – We would like our baby back

After numerous pow-wows with fellow moms on this topic, it’s unanimous.  If you fail to settle our crying baby, hand them over.  Promptly would be nice.

When we’re not there…

Sincerely sorry.  You’re on your own you sweet and generous people! And hey…  THANKS again for babysitting!

When we ARE there…

We are just as upset as you that our baby isn’t performing.  We pray for them to always be on their best behaviour when people are around because we can actually enjoy ourselves too… more importantly, it makes us look capable and in constant control!  We want you to ‘like’ our baby and what stresses us out is knowing that sometimes, all the baby wants is to be handed back to mom!  It’s really annoying when a stubborn visitor will not oblige!  I’m not saying that a whimper or cry out is your cue to rush back, but if you ain’t doin’ the trick – hand over the damn baby!


… leave the room or disappear in the hopes that we won’t hear them because when they cry, we hear NOTHING else…

… make a snarly remark like “oooh, spoiled baby” or “hmmm, I think Mommy is holding you too much”.  Look, just because you failed to cure the cry, don’t put it on us…

… spastically shake the baby as though hopping swiftly up and down will make them cry less…!!!

Understand this, we realize that this isn’t always the right way to be.  If you happen to be a mom who mastered the art of looking the other way, AMEN to you but you are a rare breed…

Isn’t it better for everyone concerned when Mommy and baby are both content???

The Mother Truth is YES so make the switch!

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3 responses to “Truth #38 – We would like our baby back

  1. Finally, someone brave enough to say it!! Good on you for being honest and saying what I can’t seem to say… I know my baby cries when I’m not around, I am not an idiot. However, when I am around I would appreciate the opportunity to console my wee man. I also know that “the visitors” are, more often than not, moms themselves and have done an excellent job raising their own little people – therefore, I understand their capabilities where children are concerned. BUT it must be said I TOO AM CAPABLE and probably more so where MY wee man is concerned!

  2. Lindsay Conlon

    Im quite happy for someone else to console mine. lol Usually they are just trying to give you a break and trying to help!

  3. Charmaine Brownson

    The only thing is when the “visitors” are randoms at the local Pizza Hut- remember that Chev!? LOL!… That’s when it gets awkward 😦

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