Truth #39 – We can’t handle criticism

Does my ass look fat?  Does my sauce need salt?  Do you think I should renovate?  YES, YES and YES!  Without being a snatch, critical opinions are encouraged!

When it comes to motherhood though, we can’t take it.  It’s above us.

“You’re not tough enough… You really need to get out more… You have to let your baby cry… You worry too much… Your kids shouldn’t sleep in your bed… They don’t eat healthy enough… You have to limit their TV… They’re way too old for pacifiers…”  My blood pressure is rising just writing down these all too familiar, antagonistic and hardly helpful remarks!  Wrap it up, shut er’ down, piss right off.  We might not say it but we’re thinking it people!  Let me be clear – these are all rude statements not sweet suggestions.  Rude statements suck for us.

LOOK, this is our job!  Our all-too-precious life’s work!  Naturally we would prefer to excel at it and it frightens us that we could be falling a shade short.  Imagine walking into work and being criticized every time you do something different, even though your information is based on documented personal research and results!  Now pretend that NO coworker has EVER substituted for you in any of those critical times!  People… We are the managers of our tiny employees so if you’ve never done it, then surely you don’t know it!

We know what they want.  We live our lives at their fingertips and only rarities remain unseen to us.  The letter of child law may work for 90% of babies that participate in the day’s particular study, but if I say it didn’t ring true with MINE, well then it simply didn’t!

Unless there are serious parenting issues, I’m sorry to be the one to say it but the Mother Truth is – Unless we’re askin’… You had best be lyin’!

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One response to “Truth #39 – We can’t handle criticism

  1. Your sauce never needs salt.

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