Truth #45 – We swear we’re the only ones

This Truth was inspired while recalling a conversation I had with my friend.  She called to ask if she was alone.

It had been a long week for her and she couldn’t make sense of it.  She was overwhelmed and convinced that only her child could cry that long and scream that loud.  She walked around her house for days, baby in arms, and it kept her less insane than if she were to just walk away and hear the baby’s response.  “There is no way this is normal“, she said.  “I have a bad baby or I suck at this.”

As much as I would eventually seek to comfort and reassure her that she was not alone, I felt my elated self jumping out of my skin!  Clearly not for her misfortune but for my own full body exhale!   Here was another warrior on her worst day, up to her ears in all of us surrounding mothers praising our children and this glorious motherhood, many of us so tight-lipped about the excruciating days.

I was about to post an entirely different Truth but today, I felt that I was alone.  My beautiful brats are sleeping tight for the moment but I swore this fine hour would never come, or that I might miss it by taking off!  (A joke, hold the emails.)  Today, my kids sucked.  They fought me, they fought each other, they fought other children.   They threw food, spilled drinks, scratched walls, mis-peed, frequently pooed, ate dirt, bugs and wood but not their broccoli.  Worse still, they whined all day, cried after whining and screamed in between.  They broke household appliances, expensive toys, and my heart.  Mommy is so tired but I had to write about it because I want us to know that on our worst days, we are not alone!  Our kids aren’t bad, they have bad days and bad weeks.  A repetitive but true phrase; “It’s just a stage!”

Most importantly though Mommy, you do not suck at this.

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One response to “Truth #45 – We swear we’re the only ones

  1. I glad someone finally said it! Not every kid is this perfect little angel that their parents portray them as. Everybody has a moment and maybe if more mothers shared these moments us new mothers wouldn’t think we were so alone. I know I’m already going through it with my little man, who finds screaming and yelling when we are in public quite entertaining. Does that make me a bad parent? I don’t think so. So now I don’t sugar coat anything. I tell future parents what its like but I also emphasize the awesomeness of being a parent. Its the best and hardest job I’ve ever had!

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