Truth #46 – We make excuses for bad behaviour

When we step out, kids in tow, we have the best of intentions.  We alter feeding times, prepare healthy snacks AND emergency junk, duplicate and replicate.  We do whatever we need to do in order to swoop in for the save should it come time.

As we gain experience, the packing is lighter and the fear of public humiliation dwindles because we scare less, but ultimately because we’ve built a relationship with our babes that is familiar and less unpredictable.  Bottom line, we know them best, and better every day.


The inevitable.  They misbehave at the party, fuss at the restaurant or decide to completely tap out.  Backed into a corner, ain’t nothing left to do but make excuses!  Often true excuses but most times stretched and in the hopes of saving face, we wanna make sure YOU know what they are!  “They’re teething”, “they didn’t nap”, “it’s late”, “they’re hungry”, “they’re sick”, “they’re allergic”…  The Mother Truth is, it’s a lot like the unwanted suggestions we get from the so-called experts who stand in line to make a diagnosis, those detailed in Truth #17 – We despise countless suggestions.  Although, if WE are saying it, then all else has failed.

We want those around us to love our kids as we do.  We want you to notice them, think they’re cute, feel for them, play with them.  It pains us to think that you could be left with a lasting impression from the day they may have fallen short of the unrealistic expectation.  Our knee jerk reaction, a protection mechanism at it’s best, is to make excuses.  We all do it.  It’s fine!

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