Truth #6 – It’s nice to hear that we’re looking good

Even if we’re not, don’t be shy to throw it out there.


If your wife, girl, or friend seem to resemble a Hum Vee, DO NOT tell her the truth, ever. Stick to things like “you’re all belly”, “you hardly look pregnant”, and the tried, tested and true “you’re glowing!”. She is seeing something in the mirror that she’s hoping you don’t.  She is scanning her incredibly lame maternity selection attempting to pick whatever is most slimming.


I would suggest that the green light zone for post-baby body compliments can last up to a full year after birth.  I am personally aware of how good this feels so right after I tell the new mom that her baby is fabulous, which should always be first, I fire the compliments her way.  Unless we have access to A-list surgeons and cold hard cash, the stretch marks and Buddha bellies hurt like hell so do something about it.  Let us know that we’re yummy mummies rather than hungry hippos.

As it should be, it’s all about the babies so don’t be afraid to pay a little attention to their moms.  We just launched a human missile, we’re sacrificing sleep and we no longer recognize our reflections or our breasts.  It’s not likely we’re looking our best so just lie –  it’ll be the best one ever told.

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One response to “Truth #6 – It’s nice to hear that we’re looking good

  1. That’s the truth. They say little girls suck the beauty from you….how about little boys? A nice comment sure goes a long way. Even better when it comes from your man.

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