Truth #7 – We talk about moms who take a vacation

When is it safe? When do we no longer feel guilty about wanting a much-needed break? Maybe when we stop talking bad about moms who actually have the balls to take them.

I realize this is mommy controversial.  Many of us think young children absolutely need their moms full-time and that a week or two away can do harm.  Perhaps this would be true if our kids were left with sociopaths! Otherwise, come now.  Other than a sugar high from Grandma, what could typically go wrong?  We are complete ego-mommy-maniacs who think that no one can troubleshoot but us.  Granted, we are no doubt the best women for the job but what’s more important?  To be with your children while happy and rested or while exhausted and overwhelmed?  We end up becoming more and more opinionated while harboring resentment toward our husbands who supposedly do F-all and our neighbors who have nannies…  but especially toward the moms who have the courage to take a break.

“I could never leave my baby!”, umm, would you like a prize?  It’s almost like we feel this drive to mother ourselves crazy.  That we will achieve absolute mommy-martyrdom should we be awake for 72 consecutive hours while cooking, cleaning and having unwanted sex.  There is a mom on vacation somewhere who is tanned and getting a massage and she’s LAUGHING AT YOU!

It’s easy for me to say because I’ve never left my kids for more than 24 hours so there’s no one talking shit about me – well, on that subject anyway.  In fact, I may have participated in crazy talk about moms who have.  The truth is that it’s so hard to leave and God knows you’ll miss your babies but if they’re with someone who loves them, you’ll be better off because of it.  If leaving is not for you, at least be cool enough to give two thumbs up to the super moms who decided to take a vacation.

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One response to “Truth #7 – We talk about moms who take a vacation

  1. This one, yes yes, oh my god! My SIL and BIL consider the commute to work a date! Even though I’ve offered to watch the kids for a few hours while my sister and her husband go out, They’ve never taken me up on the offer! Martyrdom is not a good look on anyone.

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