Truth #41 – It hurts to see a fitter skinnier mom

Maybe some of us donned a halo somewhere amidst the journey from skinny to ginormous to not-so-skinny but I’m around a lot of new moms and most of us check out ‘Mom’… and yes, sometimes before baby.  Sure, we’re into your tiny new love but we also wanna know what number you may or may not be carrying around and damn you if you’re not!

This Mother Truth was scribbled on one of my first post-its but I never thought I’d have the nerve to write about it.  However, after some of the uncensored pow-wows I’ve had, I sure do now!

Clearly some of us are not comfortable with this shallow admission but I can now say that after poking around the psyches of newer moms, I’m not alone here now am I?  We wanna know how long it took for the weight to come off, if we worked it off, if we dieted, or if it fell off naturally.  Details are questioned with utmost persistence in order to compare.  How many pregnancies, are there stretch marks, how much weight was gained with each pregnancy… You know this sounds familiar!

After all girls, how can we blame ourselves?  These days, we never seem to be small enough!  We turn on the tube and there’s Angie only 2 weeks after birthing twins and sporting her new and improved concave stomach.  Victoria Beckham?  Highly likely the bump was a prop. Heidi Klum has a soccer team at home yet she still wears wings on the Victoria Secret runway only weeks after dropping one out.  Funny, Victoria has no such secrets for the rest of us!

We chicks are sly now aren’t we?!  Other than honest curiosity and conversation, there are several other reasons why a mom will ask how old your baby is.  Here are just a couple: 1 – Because we participate in milestone competition. Or 2 – Because we wanna know just how long it took to get that skinny!  Pathetic?  Absolutely but  still TRUE!

After our babies were born, we fell long and hard to the bottom of the priority list.  We penned a new definition for ‘tired’: try reading the dictionary under where it says ‘sleepwalking’… The rest of us less-loaded stay-at-homers are juggling babies and shitty diapers rather than nannies and gym memberships… yeah, I said it.

We care!  We bite our lip!  We check out other moms and it hurts like hell when they’re tighter!

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2 responses to “Truth #41 – It hurts to see a fitter skinnier mom

  1. Ahhhh, sad but true Nats… I have to say, I have noticed “curious” men too. As if to be secretly wondering why his baby-Mamma still carries a few extra pounds. When did we ALL become so competitive and since when did weight loss become it’s own sport?!

  2. So funny this comment! As soon as my husband read the post, I caught him snickering devilishly to himself. He said that he was tempted to suggest the exact thing; that Daddy’s notice Mommy’s too. As if we’re not hard enough on ourselves! He’s gonna get it.

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